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Moving Minds

Specialized in Equicoaching
boosting Human Resources

Connecting the beauty of horses to human capital as a vital resource will help you to minimise the risks and better seize opportunities of any company. The success or the failure, especially for young or smaller companies, depends very strongly on this factor. Excellent employees make the difference in a demanding environment.

X Summit offers young and small companies the possibility to support human resource management through equicoaching.  As a business partner to manage growth and change, our purpose is to support our clients in the management of human resources in equilibrium with the natural beauty of anequestrian environment.

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Our services

Pragmatic, hands-on and concrete

Our services can be used directly and simply by our clients, and in a time-efficient manner.

We work with our client to customize all our tools for their specifical needs, constraints and environment.

We want our clients to quickly see results through the concrete support we coach and provide to their day-to-day activity.


From Start to Finish

Employee management

We support our clients with all human resource related processes from recruitment to termination. We accompany you in human resource management and offer counsel that suits your style .

We provide you access to our network of experts in employment & social law, private & public social insurances and occupational psychology.

We recommend streamlined solutions to bring efficiency, cost-savings and best practices to save time through the many layers of your company.


Time for Your Business

Automating HR Operations

We advise you on cost effective tools to streamline HR management within your company. 

We customize simple processes for your company that are aligned with your values and your priorities.


Hiring & Integration

Talent development

Annual performance reviews

Holidays management

Absence management

Payroll management

Employment termination


First Meeting

Listen. Learn. Set Targets. Do.

Workplace environments are in constant evolution.  We take the time to study your company, meet your employees at all levels to understand what makes you tick. And what does NOT make you tick. Together, we examine strategies and recommend concrete measures to take. 

Contact us today for a first discussion and to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Contact Us

Contact us and discover how your company can benefit from our services. 

Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you to set up a first meeting.


1110 Morges, Switzerland

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